Monday, May 5, 2014

What matters is what lies ahead, not behind

We are are a total formulation of  behavior, experiences and expectations which are intertwined by our past. And its natural to always refer back to it before making a decision that may have and impact on our future, because we are more comfortable with the past and ensuring that what we are about to do, does not lead us to a path we once promised never to trade on. We like to think we know better because of our past. 

Soon, we let our past define our future, which can easily cast a dark cloud over our fate especially when we are in way over our heads. Its easy, at this point for our minds to only be open to possibilities of failure, death and embarrassment. At this stage its important to remember that there are more possibilities our minds should be open to and that failure is just one of them.

Failure is a reality, depression is a reality and yes, loosing, getting beat up and starting from scratch are all realities. But not the only realities, which is where hope comes in, when all the numbers scream otherwise. Its important through it all, never to press the panic button, and even when you think you might need to, take 24 hours to think through the panic plan before rolling it out.