Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Chapatti.

Today is thanksgiving. I did not have a turkey or ribs for dinner. eat chapatti and tomato soup which was well prepared by Mama Nassa. Maybe the meal was extra delicious because it just might be my last. I just spent my last 600/= procuring three chapattis and I am now out completely. I have no clue what tomorrow holds.
It has been a while since I was totally broke. I wish I could say that I have learnt a life’s principal through this season but I have not. None the less I appreciate it. It reminds me that Patrick Seruyange is just a Facade. I say it all the time without fully grasping its implications. Moments like this take me back to when I was 5 and still Lutakome Nyanzi. To those times when he had no food in the house. To those times we eat beans and maize for a full month. To those days when my widowed mother drunk herself silly to cope with the idea that her sons were going to bed hungry. Those days when I felt the world was falling apart. Those days I still had a real family, before we all went off in different directions.
It’s now that I wonder why I helped her clear her tuition or why I took on the biggest project of my career (at least so far). I forge ahead and make everything look wonderful. It’s the Patrick Fa├žade. The one that I never clearly understand. The one most people know.
In moments like this, I realize how many people I can count on. They are few. I guess I never took note of this when I felt like I was on top of the world.
Here is to those who have stuck with me from the boy I used to be, till now to see the man I have become. Those who have been with me through thick and thin. Rekindling the flame that got us this far and same flame that will continue to shine even when the world gets dark and frightening. The light that will bring us back when we lose our way. To those who I have shared a simple cup of chai with. You are my true friends.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack fruit and Mirinda

11 years ago, valentines, I wrote at the back of a post card five simple words, “will you be my valentines?” to who was it was addressed to? The one I am writing about. I thought it was a childish thing to do. She never said yes and I guess after that we never were good friends, at least until the end of primary. I go to the states and I seem to have a lot going for me and I never get back to thinking about valentines of ’99. I met her again 2009 before I went to Nairobi. We had pizza and chocolate cake and laughed at the silly things we did back in the day when every single worry could be solved with a glass of milk and sweets.
Without saying a word, we both agreed life was much better then. It was simple and innocent. 10 hours later I was on the bus to Nairobi and I guess we stopped talking again like we always did. It was not until I was in Kabale in late August that I decided to call her. My life was very complicated and I did not like it one single bit. I guess with her, whenever we talked I would go back to that point in time when I was 10 again. I would remember standing in the middle of the football pitch alone before a storm came in. I would look at the thunder and dark clouds and wonder what the next ten years of my life would have in stock. In simple terms she always simplifies my life.
Yesterday we were at her hostel balcony drinking mirinda and nibbling on jack fruit. Nothing mattered at that point. For the first time in a while I felt like I had finally fulfilled my dreams of peace, the ones that had eluded me for so long. I was happy, I could not explain the feeling, I just felt it and wondered why she and I took forever to talk. She represents innocence in my life, a life which has been wrecked for so long. I did not say much that evening. I then realized that if I had more times like that; jack fruit and mirinda, I would not need a woman in my life. She had already added definition to it.
This is for you. To thank you for being my partner in crime when the cops(worries of this world) seemed to be taking me down. Thanks for watching the sun set with me. For not judging me even when I have been a jerk (which is half the time) and being the best cousin anybody can ask for. This world could use more people like you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Museveni's PRO did his homework!

I have never been a fan of politics at least not in Uganda. The campaigns are mostly branded as mindless entertainment and a lot of hooligans are employed to escort the candidates entourage. During this season a few people earn big while the rest of us who don't, pay for the "free" entertainment on our streets that is mostly disruptive. I do not see the point in voting for an aspirant who parades himself in the middle of the streets waving at on lookers with queen dancers in one of the trucks. True this might be a point of persuasion for a significant portion of the people in the population and its effectiveness cannot not be dismissed completely. My question is what happened to the orators of this country? I can barely listen to any of the candidates simply because half the time they are complaining about the situation in Uganda, which by the way, we are well aware of! What happened to the days when we gathered
around to listen to a man who was full of passion and conviction. What happened to the true patriots of this country? the patriots who fought not to win the ballot but change the nation? Has politics come to the point where the candidate with the most ridiculous promises wins?

Museveni is not my favorite candidate (I wouldn't say that in public) however if we were to hit the polling stations this instant without doubt I would vote for him. Not because of what he is promising to do which he won't fulfill anyway, rather because of his campaign strategy. Clearly none of the candidates is has the fresh new angel that he/she would need to captivate Ugandans though Museveni amidst criticism has managed to convince the voters otherwise. He is branding himself as more "youthful." He threw a party for them, wrote a rap song and is obviously trying as hard as he can to appeal to them. His PRO must have done his homework.

The new developments have left the other candidates far behind. He has managed to re-brand himself while the rest try to fight him with hate messages not knowing they are giving him publicity by doing so. The opposition better start focusing on policy because at this point, it might be the only thing that might help them snatch last minute votes

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lesson from the martyrs

You may kill a man but not defeat him. Martyrs day was a moment of reflection for me. Realizing that its a lot easier to be a Christian now days than it was back then. There are dozens of stories in the bible that end with a loss of a life for those who decided to follow the way of the master, Jesus Christ. Some of the deaths described are far beyond comprehension that its hard to imagine how far a human being is willing to go low human all because of difference in belief.
In Uganda, the story didn't change much. at a certain point in our history, fellow brothers and sister in the faith were put too the ultimate test, to deny God and live or die in his name. obviously, the martyrs took the later.
No matter when and where Christians were persecuted, these stories have something in common. The cruel leaders of those times, who ordered for the persecutions, true that they were mighty powerful and cruel enough to carry out such decrees. However, the day these leaders passed away, they perished forever. on the other hand, the martyrs legacy and stories have gone on to inspire and challenge people up to today. funny how a young boy like Kizito has inspired names schools, hospitals and other entities after him and yet a powerful man like Mwanga has been forgotten with the passage of time.
History teaches me two things from this. the first deciding to follow Christ doesn't come without a cost and what we do for Christ will live far beyond our physical existence. In relation to my life, I'm made to realize that one day, just one day, i might be faced with a choice, choosing to die and live for eternity with the father or live physically and perish the very day my body is no more. I can only hope and trust that should that day ever come, the name of the Lord will be glorified.

Its not any easier being a Christian in this day and age. The opposition, though subtle, the impact is tremendous.

Dealing with it

I look at her everyday, we chat every once in a while and i must admit, I do love her company. She loves life and people. The only thing that God deprived her of is what she loves most... life. I look at her everyday and wonder how many unfulfilled dreams she might leave behind, when death when her time is up and yet God gave her all she needed to be happy but deprived her of one thing, time.
We live with people like this in our community. Instead of isolating them or realizing that they might not have a lot of time left, i feel its better to love them and make sure they live life to the fullest and leave the rest to God. Its always a gamble, never knowing if she will ever make it through the month. The most scary part is whenever she is in the hospital. The whole while, your nervous. Every call you receive from the sister is a scare because it might be the sad news. The hardest part through is that i am getting close to her and there is nothing i can do about it. I'm becoming more and more found of her each day. It is hard to be there for her and keep my emotions intact because when the inevitable does happen, without doubt I will be crushed.