Thursday, September 29, 2011

Charity Fund Fad

In the past six months I have noticed something with almost every event I have been invited to. For some weird reason every committee that organizes these events seems to be compelled to start a Charity fund at the event. In the past half of the year, "Department funds, University funds, Village funds, family funds and the list goes on have been developed. Looking at the needy people in our society, I can understand the need to have more of these initiatives in place so that the funds can reach those in need. A charity fund also provides those with the money a chance to give back to society. Many times the people with the money have no clue were to put it and that is why they are invited for fund raising drives.
However my worry about the Charity funds that are cropping up at almost every Launch is their sustainability. While writing this article I took the time to investigate a charity fund or two that were started last year. In my findings I realized that after their original debut date, they are long forgotten until a year later when the committee holds another similar event.
Running a charity fund is not a walk in the park, it requires a lot of commitment and passion. Before a charity fund is set up, the people who give life to the dream must come up with clear objective goals and a vision which they will share with others who they hope will come on board.
If a person is committed to the cause, they should be willing to go the extra mile to raise the money needed to help those who need it. A clear example of a charity that is committed to the cause is the "Save a buddy foundation" which hold tea parties, fund raising drives and many other small events that seek to raise money to help students who cannot raise the full tuition. The same commitment of the fund to the people it helps can be said about those who run it.

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