Friday, December 2, 2011

Growing up, Valentine’s was always a very special day. I looked forward to receiving candy from teachers and anonymous cards from class mates. We were too young to understand its worth. It all seemed fun then. Many years down the road of life’s treacherous path, that is accompanied with frustration and disappointments, our view of this day changes, from the happy, rainbow and colourful interpretation to when will this day end. Last year I realised how much I hated this day and this is why.

Love comes with a price tag. Clever entrepreneurs look forward to big sales around this time. Supermarkets put Valentine presents on front shelves, musicians plan launches and just about every business claims to have a package that will leave your partner happy. Those days a handmade card was all it took to get a yes. But now, out of the 365 days, February 14 is the only day you cannot say the magical words I love you without a present. That’s if you intend to get a positive response.

Whether you like it or not, you are likely to spend more than you planned, because it is not a good idea to say, sorry honey, I cannot afford that. Hope you understand. Chances are, she will not understand.

The competition is also ridiculous. The ladies look forward to 15th to tell all their friends how much their man cares based on what he did for her. This means the men have to step up their game on that day. You cannot do the regular dinner and movies. You have got to be extra creative. This exerts enormous pressure on each partner. Because the expectations are very high, the disappointment will take toll it’s in equal proportions.

Competition leads to evaluations. Your partner might never stop questioning the fulfillment of the relationship on other days because they are running back and forth. However on Valentines, when they look at other couples and see how they relate with each other, at that point they might ask themselves that dreadful question, “Am I happy?” Based on how things have been going between you two, there is a probability you might be single at the end of the day or month, depending on how patient your partner is.

I also hate the fashion part of it. When you go out, she expects you to at least wear red without putting into consideration that some of us look awful in that colour.

I suppose I truly hate this day because we tend to consult our emotions while spending instead of our wallets and account balance. The result of all this, is we find ourselves very broke on February 15.

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