Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 in pictures

Irene Namubiru and I at resort beach, 1 Jan for the Uganda waragi Beach party. *LikeABoss

At Aero beach #Yolo moment. I had quit a bit to drink that night which made me realize I was no longer in collage, that was the last time I went on a bender. 

Posing with Robert Kabushenga - CEO of New Vision. I admire his business accumen. I have always thought I could be
as shrewd as he is some day, but then again, I'll probably be better. *Time*experience 

I am sure the picture says it all. Gotta love PR. If someone had told me PR would be this fun, I would have signed up

I finally took a Steve-job-kinda looking picture. Taken by Nicholas Nsubuga, of course with my setup

I soon realized that an effective PR person has to dress 20% better than people in a room. This was at the end of year staff party, Mark bought me that drink, which has the highest alcohol content I have witnessed. This picture is a representation of the culmination of many small plans coming together to make a stronger, smarter, bolder, humble me.

Aamito Stacey had come to office to pick her letter of endorsement for Africa's next top Model. Her and I were kinda close at University. She emerged winner and now she is a super model. I have to show this picture to my kids one day.

At the Bell Carnival with Bwayo Moses, my good friend. This was the first time we had talked all year. It was probably my fault that we hadn't because I had refused to pay him for a job. This was my apology. 

Sometimes to truly appreciate what you have, you have to live it. This was my second week at work and I could already envision the future. Taking this picture made me appreciate the agency more because all over a sudden I saw what everything could possibly be instead of what it was which was depressing (pay was wanting)

This is Bwire my boda guy. I have no idea what his second name is. But he makes me laugh and even though he is sometimes two hours late when I send him, I still use him because of his interesting conversations. Sometimes I look like an idiot, laughing in public when Im being ridden. good chap

Its been a year since the birth of my second company,Carlos & Patrick, a unique partnership with the brilliant writer/creative Carlos. Right from the start all we wanted to do was create great art and get paid for it. Its amazing how a conversation that started in my dorm room has led to the creation of brilliant work, jobs and a great friendship. To dreaming big.

2013 was great because I got a chance to work things out with my Dad. I am sure in a small way, he is proud of the man I have become.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Clearly I preferred to drink vs run in the MTN Kampala marathon. Silvie, who writes for the CEO magazine is such a darling, never a bore!

Kata Kwii - North Easter Uganda. "Today was an interesting one. Sat with a group of men from Kata Kwii and sipped Ajono while we talked about Soccer, politics and women. One of those moments you are out of your comfort zone to relate with others and the experience is invaluable. Everyday, as it turns out is a learning opportunity. 
Bwayo Moses now I can relate to your Karamoja experience."

"When "I look at the horizon, I can see the destiny of my feet, my strength and sight but i have never seen the destiny of my vision - Napoleon Bonaparte"

With music artist Fille. I was having self esteem issues, lots of doubt, scars from my previous relationship. I realized to get better with ladies, I had to be (seen) with beautiful ladies. Get t

At Lugazi from filming social work emphasis documentary with Carlos. I miss those days we let our hearts and mind forge the impossible. *Fail epic-ally or succeed epic-ally like Carlos likes tos 

I met Joel Katabazi *Kata in 2012, first love Studio. He talked me into advertising. A year later we were working together in the same agency. He commonly referred to me as the weak link, he couldn't have been more wrong
With CMO of MTN and Olympic gold medalist Kiportich. I ran the PR campaign for MTN marathon and Kiprotich helped us gunner some publicity. (I temporarily managed his image) #Awesome


At Marathon with Lawson. He and I studied together in Seroma Christian High School, S.4 2005.

Maggie Kigozi, brilliant business lady. This was at an international trade work seminar. (should have dressed better)

2013 was tough , especially for mum who under went more than 3 eye surgery's. I was blessed to celebrate Christmas with her and yes, she is so cool, thats where I get my awesomeness from! #SwaggLikeUs

Work like you are getting fired next week. True in many ways and this pictures captures that moment when I almost lost my job until I realized I had to always be the smartest guy in the room in order to demonstrate my worth, which came with a lot of donkey work, research and chores.

At the launch of Kampala Marathon. The whole launch plan was my strategy. Here I was basking in the moment of success. The sleepless nights had finally paid off, or so it seemed then.

Indipendence day found me at River Nile Jinja enjoying, a cold a Nile and the juiciest stake I have ever had. Made me realize how many freedoms we take for granted in Ug. #UG2thecore

These two. The picture was taken at my house, After Konnie and Faith had slept over. I admired their sense of loyalty for each other.

I spend a lot of time alone, listening to music. That's where my brilliant Ideas come from.

December 24th 11 PM and I was still in office because I realized that the action was at the next curb!

My first ever radio interview, done by the one and only Yvonne Kushe. her and I go way back to 2007. I realized that as a PR person, I need to work on my face value, in other words, be out there more because for some reason I figured it was going to come in handy one day. I guess time will tell.

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