Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A silver lining to world's end

I woke up in my childhood room. Same bed, I slept in since high school. The window I broke has never been fixed, making it especially chilly at night. The reality is sinking in that I am finally back home because I resigned my job and just might possibility be on the brink of being sidelined by Real marketing for AAR’s business. For now it’s a possibility and a good one at that.
At this point, it’s easy to slip into a state of depression and anxiety by the chilling thought that I just might have lost everything. From a logical perspective, I walked out on a good job that perhaps in another reality would have yielded great returns.
My dream; to make phenomenal art with Carlos and reinvent the technology industry with Frank.
In my heart I know that I am much closer to my goal now than I was a month ago even though current circumstances may suggest otherwise
Regardless of the outcome, I would still do it all over if I had to.  I would much rather trade a mediocre corporate job to work with geniuses like Carlos and Frank. Ultimately we live the lives we design for ourselves and if mediocre is what we settle for in one area of our life, it eventually grows into  other areas till we wake up ten years later, only to realize, we are not living in the house we envisioned and  working on projects that bring us joy, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.  
I have found that the things we dream about while asleep, awake and the times in between, should never be traded for, no matter what. Status quo will always tell us it’s impossible, rewarding those who play it safe  making an example of us who don’t. To frighten us to believe less in our ideas. And when you pay enough attention to them, you will start to think they are right. The fact is we are all right.
it’s a small margin between ordinary and exceptionally remarkable and to make it to the latter, you have to be brave to take decisions counter to status quo. Intuitive to trade carefully and minimize risk gradually, be willing to loose for the possibility will keep you sane and lastly, surround yourself with people who will catch you when you fall; feed you when you are hungry, encourage you when you are down and constantly remind you that you are great even when you don’t believe it yourself. For a life shared is more fulfilling.
It’s not enough to just build a profitable company But rather, have a team that will through, conviction and dedication follow an ideal to worlds end. To see the silver lining even in when the day gets cold and lonely.

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