Thursday, July 15, 2010


Im all alone.

Im the last person to leave class in the evening. not because i want to but because there is no one waiting for me. there isnt an event im missing at all. Ill drag myself to the same resturant I have my supper from everyday. the next 15 mintutes of my life are quite as I. The waitress is always kind enough to bid me good night. i can tell there is a hint of pity in her eyes. I guess because im always by myself.

The porch light is not on. I open the door and everything is as messy as i left it. Im not motivated to clean it up because im not expecting any visitors. The cup still has cold tea. No one came by while i was away.

From a distance i here Music booming at one of the local clubs. when a match is showing, I hear occasional screams. They are happy and i guess I am not.

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  1. i wake up in the morning with a splitting headache from last night's events, very hangover and with no recollection of what transpired. oh, i remember, i was out with ma friends celebrating ma birthday. now i know why i drank so much. i was having fun with my friends and all seemed well, except for that little voice in my head reminding me that it was wrong, no matter how bad i wanted it or how good it seemed.