Saturday, September 29, 2012

I’m Happy for now

A week seems like a long time ago when I posted my last blog. Maybe its been a series of events that have happened so fast at once. The greatest news I received today came from my uncle who got me in touch with a prospective advertiser for my blank billboard. the deal is possibly worth a lot if He can get me clients who are willing to pay a years subscription. In case this happens, I will be earning my first check worth 8 figures (In Uganda shillings.) And the USP project is going to be done in the morning. If I stay up late I can tie up the loose ends. I have discovered something. Being creative and smart sometimes are the reason we do not see the simple elements in life that seem to hinder us from living out our dreams. Some are pessimist, some look at the world with a narrow perspective and like for me; Getting too attached to my work Joel, A creative strategist at The republican summed this up really well. “In the creative world, you will expect criticism from people who do not think your idea is good enough. Take heart and move on.” even though our words were not the same, the principal still stands out. Because I spend hours imagining things and writing them down. It gets hard to purse a project with a more objective mind. but this costs be time, energy and consequently I don't hit deadlines which is very important work. the reason freelancers are higher most of the time it is because the staff can not get the work on time. With this principal intend to complete this project and receive the criticism later. but it should get me a step closer to my dreams. The funny thing about work is one job will land you another if you are deliberate and consistent. And the other reason I am happy is because I have gotten the number of this famous person, that I have been searching for, for a week. Today I finally picked up my phone and called a girl I dated back in high school, and what do you know, she apparently knows the daughter! It was a cruel taste of fate and it tasted bitter. How I am glad I actually had a conversation with her. I found out she has a few ideas of her own she would like to implemented when she gets back from India in November. she also got a lucrative offer from a modeling agency. Here I should say, I love pretty girls, I cant help it. So the deal is worth quite a bit and even through she did not specify what kind of modeling but Id like to believe she’s going to be doing something decent. To sign off this blog I am going to say “Welcome Back Tendo.” Him and I go back as far back as Fighting in Nursery school. We grew up and I came to Uganda and now he has finally come back home. I could tell when I called to day he needs to be sorting out few issues in his life, like I am. Him and I thought pretty much the same. Glad to have my partner in crime back. If everything works well, we should be renting a fairly decent place in the suburb while we figure the rest out. So I’m looking forward to that. The picture below is of the who of us in the kitchen with my mum, learning how to bake cookie.

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