Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dealing with it

I look at her everyday, we chat every once in a while and i must admit, I do love her company. She loves life and people. The only thing that God deprived her of is what she loves most... life. I look at her everyday and wonder how many unfulfilled dreams she might leave behind, when death when her time is up and yet God gave her all she needed to be happy but deprived her of one thing, time.
We live with people like this in our community. Instead of isolating them or realizing that they might not have a lot of time left, i feel its better to love them and make sure they live life to the fullest and leave the rest to God. Its always a gamble, never knowing if she will ever make it through the month. The most scary part is whenever she is in the hospital. The whole while, your nervous. Every call you receive from the sister is a scare because it might be the sad news. The hardest part through is that i am getting close to her and there is nothing i can do about it. I'm becoming more and more found of her each day. It is hard to be there for her and keep my emotions intact because when the inevitable does happen, without doubt I will be crushed.

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