Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack fruit and Mirinda

11 years ago, valentines, I wrote at the back of a post card five simple words, “will you be my valentines?” to who was it was addressed to? The one I am writing about. I thought it was a childish thing to do. She never said yes and I guess after that we never were good friends, at least until the end of primary. I go to the states and I seem to have a lot going for me and I never get back to thinking about valentines of ’99. I met her again 2009 before I went to Nairobi. We had pizza and chocolate cake and laughed at the silly things we did back in the day when every single worry could be solved with a glass of milk and sweets.
Without saying a word, we both agreed life was much better then. It was simple and innocent. 10 hours later I was on the bus to Nairobi and I guess we stopped talking again like we always did. It was not until I was in Kabale in late August that I decided to call her. My life was very complicated and I did not like it one single bit. I guess with her, whenever we talked I would go back to that point in time when I was 10 again. I would remember standing in the middle of the football pitch alone before a storm came in. I would look at the thunder and dark clouds and wonder what the next ten years of my life would have in stock. In simple terms she always simplifies my life.
Yesterday we were at her hostel balcony drinking mirinda and nibbling on jack fruit. Nothing mattered at that point. For the first time in a while I felt like I had finally fulfilled my dreams of peace, the ones that had eluded me for so long. I was happy, I could not explain the feeling, I just felt it and wondered why she and I took forever to talk. She represents innocence in my life, a life which has been wrecked for so long. I did not say much that evening. I then realized that if I had more times like that; jack fruit and mirinda, I would not need a woman in my life. She had already added definition to it.
This is for you. To thank you for being my partner in crime when the cops(worries of this world) seemed to be taking me down. Thanks for watching the sun set with me. For not judging me even when I have been a jerk (which is half the time) and being the best cousin anybody can ask for. This world could use more people like you.

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