Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lesson from the martyrs

You may kill a man but not defeat him. Martyrs day was a moment of reflection for me. Realizing that its a lot easier to be a Christian now days than it was back then. There are dozens of stories in the bible that end with a loss of a life for those who decided to follow the way of the master, Jesus Christ. Some of the deaths described are far beyond comprehension that its hard to imagine how far a human being is willing to go low human all because of difference in belief.
In Uganda, the story didn't change much. at a certain point in our history, fellow brothers and sister in the faith were put too the ultimate test, to deny God and live or die in his name. obviously, the martyrs took the later.
No matter when and where Christians were persecuted, these stories have something in common. The cruel leaders of those times, who ordered for the persecutions, true that they were mighty powerful and cruel enough to carry out such decrees. However, the day these leaders passed away, they perished forever. on the other hand, the martyrs legacy and stories have gone on to inspire and challenge people up to today. funny how a young boy like Kizito has inspired names schools, hospitals and other entities after him and yet a powerful man like Mwanga has been forgotten with the passage of time.
History teaches me two things from this. the first deciding to follow Christ doesn't come without a cost and what we do for Christ will live far beyond our physical existence. In relation to my life, I'm made to realize that one day, just one day, i might be faced with a choice, choosing to die and live for eternity with the father or live physically and perish the very day my body is no more. I can only hope and trust that should that day ever come, the name of the Lord will be glorified.

Its not any easier being a Christian in this day and age. The opposition, though subtle, the impact is tremendous.

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