Friday, October 26, 2012

I graduated, Like a Boss!

I graduated. For the larger part of August and september, I only thought it would be a dream. And i must say I enjoyed it.
I had promised myself that I would only graduate on the condition I had made a fraction of what my lecturers earn otherwise the event meant nothing. You see, I am motivated by money and the more I make, the better i feel about myself. I can do without money, i just use it as a measure of whether I am on the right track or not and on my graduation day, I bought my parents lunch which amounted to 200,000/- and still had 1,500,000 cash in my pocket. My dad was quite impressed, "Today I certainly have a reason to eat. My son has graduated and he is the one picking up the tab."
Perhaps the coolest part about it was my gown arrived 10 minutes before they read my name, hell I want even sure if Gloria was going to bring it for me (I was so busy the night before and the morning working on the projector screens that I hadn't actually bought one.)
Like fate would have it, Gloria showed up just in time, my class mates had already lined up to walk down the red carpet. I ran to the ambulance which was a few meters away, changed quickly and went to the queue. I remember my mum asking me why I was the only person wearing red shoes and I told her, "Well mum, I am sure you and I have established by now that I am a huge fan of theatrics. While everyone is trying desperately to match their clothes with their shoes, I want to match mine with the carpet." - Like a boss. That's the only way I know how to live. 
Graduation to me meant that, in a way, i had figured out a few things about life on my own and was proud of that. I had something to celebrate. The journey has just began but im optimistic.
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