Sunday, October 14, 2012

The weekend comes on an end. F%$@!

In exactly one hour and twenty minutes the weekend will have come to an end. By then ill probably be in my bed thinking of what I need to do this coming week. setting deadlines for myself. I’m sure am not the only person who does a self evaluation on Sundays.
In Primary school, I hated Sunday nights with the passion because I was scared of the week starting. There always seemed to be something wrong with Mondays. Sunday nights came when I was either not done with homework or my shirt missing from the wire.
On the other hand Sunday comes with hope that we will do better in areas in our lives we did not do as expected in the week that has come to an end. Right now the week looks pretty busy for me. I have been meaning to update my CV to send it out to a couple of agencies. For now it might be the safest option to play. Its hard to strike a balance between doing what we love and doing what we can to survive. In case employment works out, I plan to stay for a bit then get back on the horse as soon as possible.
Nice week

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