Monday, January 19, 2015

The art of turning tragedy into triumph

Towards the end of 2014, I fell severely ill to the point that I was admitted at Mulago national referral hospital for a period of two weeks, the longest I have been in a hospital (so far).
As I went through the painful process of being pricked over and over again, the doctors discovered that my kidneys were performing at about 5%, which earned me the diagnosis of Kidney failure. 

It was rather depressing news to receive, for me, my family and friends. Going through the counseling sessions which educated me on the implications of the diagnosis, I kept reminding myself to find the silver lining, which I believed existed.

"Its been a tough few weeks with my health. I am grateful for my parents that have been exceptionally caring, loving and patient. Thanks to dad for driving me in and out of hospital at wee hours of the night. And mum who is nursing me back to recovery. I’m also overwhelmed by the love and support I received from family and friends who have demonstrated through deed and words that no man is an island. I now realize I am a very blessed man because through this low point in the stillness of my thoughts I have reached a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.‪#‎grateful‬" - Facebook status update January 2nd 2015.

Waiting for my dialysis session early in the morning. I do that a lot now (waiting)
Undergoing a dialysis session which I religiously attend twice a week.
Its almost coming to a month since I was discharged and to be honest it has been a bit of struggle to adjust to the new lifestyle which I have to live by in order to stay healthy but through it all I have experienced moments of happiness and joy, thanks to my supportive family and friends who are taking this journey with me.

I realize that, in the end we must play the hand that life deals us and that our life experiences make us who we are. Call it life.

      Wake up. Suit up. Show up. That’s how you turn tragedy into       triumph. ‪#‎Keep‬-Waking

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